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What to Do Before Hiring a Skip

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Whether you're doing some yard work, clearing out your home before a move or carrying out renovations, a skip bin is the ideal way to dispose of a large quantity of refuse or debris. Before you hire your skip, though, you'll need to do a little basic planning and research.

Choosing the size of your skip

Choosing the right size of skip is important for keeping costs down. Hire a skip that's too large and you'll be wasting money; hire one that's too small and you may have to pay for multiple collections. Also, larger skips will take up more space, so be sure the skip you want will fit in the area you have. Most skip hire companies will give you a rough estimate of the size you'll need based on the job you're doing, either in terms of the number of bin bags of waste or the number of rooms in a house clearance. Get multiple opinions and choose the skip that's right for you. 

Permits and planning

If you're placing a skip on your own property, you have one less thing to worry about. In many cases, however, you'll need to put it in the street or on the nature strip. In some areas, you'll need a permit for this. Depending on the city and state, you may have to apply for the permit yourself or have the hire company apply for it. Either way, the company will know the legal requirements and be able to advise you on what you need to do. In some areas, a small mobile skip may not require a permit. These skips have to be parked like vehicles, so be sure that you have an available parking space if you decide to use one.

What costs are covered

When you're calling rental firms to compare prices, it's also important to be sure about which services are covered in the cost. A complete rental cost will include hire of the skip, delivery and pickup plus the costs of recycling any waste. In fact, recycling waste can work to your advantage. If you anticipate a large amount of metal waste in your job, some operators will offer a discounted rate in exchange for the right to recycle the scrap. 

Skip bins are a must for any kind of large-scale clearing or renovation work, but it's important to plan in advance to avoid delay and inconvenience. Follow these tips and be sure to ask your rental company if you have any questions.